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For Sale - West Hurley Thompson 1928 and Colt SP1 Machine Guns. Form 4 in Arkansas

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Listing these for a good friend that is not very tech savy. He doesnt even own a cell phone. but his contact information is below. please email or call the land line for more information if its not listed. Thanks 


COLT AR-15 SP-1 CONVERTED TO SELECT FIRE (safe-semi-full). The gun is in Excellent Condition.  TRANSFERRABLE ON FORM 4 IN ARKANSAS.  The gun has a 10” barrel/upper and is 29” overall.  I have owned since 2000 and the second owner of this gun.  The gun was manufactured in 1967 and converted in 1967 or 1968. No other information on who converted the gun is available.
The gun was originally sold by 65Th Gun Shop in Little Rock AR. 
$29,995.00. OBO
AUTO-ORDNANCE CORP. 1928 THOMPSON MACHINE GUN. 4 Digit Serial Number Transferable on Form 4 IN ARKANSAS.  I purchased new in 1985. The gun is in Excellent Condition. One 50 Drum magazine and One 30 round stick mag. I have all the Original Auto-Ordnance Corp. information, pamphlets, and misc. information on the gun.  
$23,995.00. OBO
Home phone (land line no text) 501-888-3770
Email jess1875@aol.com 






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