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RIP Dolph L. Goldsmith

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Posted over on the 1919 boards by Russ. Worth sharing here. 

Goodbye my friend

Dolf L. Goldsmith born Adolf Leeming Goldschmidt August 17, 1928 has passed and It is with a very heavy heart that I write this because today we have lost not only a dear man but a national treasure. He will be missed by many, both here and around the world and our hobby will never be the same without him involved in it. Anyone that has known Dolf over the years has seen his eyes light up and his infectious smile when he is discussing anything firearms related. He has been a welcome site for many of us at Knob Creek, the SAR show and many others over the years. His many contributions to the hobby are a gift to us all including the generations to come and they will never be forgotten, nor will he.

I have always believed that we are all born a certain age, I for example was born an old soul but Dolf was born and stayed forever 12 years old. He had a innocence about him as well as a boyish charm and a mischievous nature which stayed with him throughout his countless escapades in both school as well as the rest of his life. He had a passion for the hobby like no one that I have ever met and he never stopped learning and studying about it right up until the end. He started in the hobby at the age of twelve and stayed active in it for the next 82+ years including not only attending but setting up at the SAR show in December 2022, we should all be so lucky but he of all people certainly deserved that.

Many people over the past years have asked me what it is like to spend time with Dolf outside of the hobby and my response has always been the same "There is no outside of the hobby with Dolf" He is either tinkering with guns, shooting them, training others, writing books about them or reading books and researching about the guns, conflicts or the history of them. He never tired of the hobby or any area involved with it and has always had an insatiable thirst for knowledge no matter what it was he was doing.

I have many stories from over the years that I could tell here but I thought that it might be a nice tribute if we could all add our stories of him in this thread for his friends and family to share so that we can reflect on them and remember him and how he touched each of our lives. He was a kind and generous man with both his time and knowledge and I know that he touched many lives here and I am very thankful for the time we shared together.

Godspeed my friend I will see you on the mountain soon.


2022 SAR Show back in December 



Knob Creek 



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