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WTS: M60D Conversion Kit $3700

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This is a hard to find 'D' kit that was new (other than ejection bag/frame) when I got it years ago. Kit was installed on the gun twice. Once to take these pics and once installed & fired at range then removed.

M60 is sold, so no need for the M60D kit now. Kit includes, Spade Grip Assembly, Dust Boot, Rear Aircraft Sight, Buffer Yoke, Sear Link Rod, Trigger Assembly, Trigger Lock Spring, Used Ejection bag, Ejection Bag Frame and Ejection Bag Mounting Bracket. No other parts. The 'D' kit shown on the 60 is just to show what it looks like attached less Ejection bag/frame.

The Chute Mounting bracket was riveted to my gun at the factory and was sold with the gun. M60 pictured not included. $3700 plus shipping. If interested contact me with a PM.IMG_2069.thumb.JPG.ac1aef55ed032183e27e3daefd3507d0.JPGIMG_2071.thumb.JPG.92ec6c156ba4a0f68124ee11dba4208f.JPGIMG_2076.thumb.JPG.0e9876c29f481a23925af8b328b5cc7b.JPGIMG_2079.thumb.JPG.98b5fda620c279d242f9efb64adf78cc.JPGIMG_2080.thumb.JPG.258d29eb0c8e2a5fe241652a77a46dc8.JPGIMG_2082.thumb.JPG.11fc1587ffb8315da98bb116beceff89.JPG613c34687abd4_EjectionBagFrameandBracket.thumb.JPG.531186b3b5aa4f4b4c73f975c6e24fef.JPGIMG_2304.thumb.JPG.c4ff04fa8dd2b1cbb179e2f0a2cd9adc.JPGIMG_2307.thumb.JPG.9ae3f2f8022781325461a847b98e6b36.JPGIMG_2310.thumb.JPG.70678102eb84a9b4e81ff92307b46703.JPGIMG_2312.thumb.JPG.2a3711e1c3fc2378fe1aad7a49f9022d.JPGIMG_2313.thumb.JPG.8a3db82db6c08ceb14a9706e35af1a28.JPGIMG_2046.thumb.JPG.ca9c40b6c330cb419d84bd4a96d3a7e8.JPGIMG_2041.thumb.JPG.2e7d204aed8d6c0a5abdc221bd1b78de.JPGIMG_2061.thumb.JPG.a2e464701f74ab63320885c0d41c426a.JPGIMG_2049.thumb.JPG.c2ade9f4e8d0ed004fd9c80b7f62c2a7.JPG

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