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NEW Heckler & Koch HK91, HK 91, 308, 1981, IB Date Code" Arlington, NOS, Unfired

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NEW, NOS, Bought from an Estate Sale, New NOS & Un-fired Heckler & Koch HK91, HK 91, 308, 1981, IB Date Code" Arlington Va, Out of my Collection and the Best $6,500.00 OBO

Ships to your FFL, UPS Ground Shipping $50.00 to the Lower 46, NO Alaska, California, Washington State or HI, 2ND Day or Insurance Extra, Know your State laws Prior to asking

any questions, USPS Money Orders, Cashiers Check, or Personal check (With Time for check to Clear) thanks for Looking....

Let me Clarify,

I bought this from a Friend ESTATE WHO told me all his HK Stuff was Unfired

(AND then he passed away) and i purchased all his un-fired Items from his wife...

Previously and within the LAST 2 WEEKS  I sold a Benelli M3 "HK marked" with the Box "Un-fired"

and this is being listed Prior to me listing the Un-fired HK 93. or the P7M13 Un-fired.



,DSC00576.thumb.JPG.eb12d682cd3ed612e279d89a0581a01f.JPGDSC00576.thumb.JPG.eb12d682cd3ed612e279d89a0581a01f.JPGDSC00577.thumb.JPG.478dbfd3852c084d2369fde2f7afe244.JPGDSC00577.thumb.JPG.478dbfd3852c084d2369fde2f7afe244.JPGDSC00577.thumb.JPG.478dbfd3852c084d2369fde2f7afe244.JPGDSC00557.thumb.JPG.438b55866959a52226f97b6683682bca.JPGDSC00557.thumb.JPG.438b55866959a52226f97b6683682bca.JPGDSC00562.thumb.JPG.7620ab8be20478dccad64a14574491b5.JPGDSC00562.thumb.JPG.7620ab8be20478dccad64a14574491b5.JPGDSC00563.thumb.JPG.710a5cc790bca4283393c0c66642bbe5.JPGDSC00563.thumb.JPG.710a5cc790bca4283393c0c66642bbe5.JPGDSC00564.thumb.JPG.c17d5336dbc057416c8e2d10eb6ed39a.JPGDSC00565.thumb.JPG.4ede8eb3629fad7d51990ed94af11b99.JPGDSC00566.thumb.JPG.3e80a6b4b0c1e559f05ead8ca7fd79b2.JPGDSC00567.thumb.JPG.b8126c39b43e53592385cd0c9ab55b09.JPGan estate Sale, Un-fired Heckler & Koch HK91 Rifle, 308 Cal, 1981 IB Date Code, Please see pictures for details. One Of the Last of myDSC00549.thumb.JPG.edaa201fe53ca538ec4c12da14ceb161.JPG Best HK Stuff. $6,500.00 OBO, UPS Regular to your FFL $ 50.00, 2ND Day or Insurance Extra, Only selling to the lower 46. NO Alaska, California, Washington State OR HI. Know your Laws Prior to asking questions, thanks for looking. Payment by USPS Money order preferred, Cashiers Check, personal checks will be held until cleared. Thanks For Looking.!
















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