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New guy,Hansen or Kurt


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3 hours ago, M60D said:

Seems this guy joined Sturm a day ago and has hit as many wanted to buy adds as possible. Seems to have every part someone is looking for. Anyone know him or done business with him? 

I thought the same thing. I wanted to put up a WTB ad wanting to buy a scammer and see if I could get a hit. Like you say seems to have everything.

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1 hour ago, southerngoodstuff said:

Turns out to be a scammer and I think he got me for 1000 and another gentlemen for 500. Tropicalyamaha 

Apparently, Kurt's account must have been hacked. I've done business with the real Kurt Hansen for many years.

Sorry to see you been scammed. Put out everything you can about the scammer (Phone, email address, address, anything)

it may help others and may help you in finding this joker. My 2 cent.

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southerngoodstuff you had messaged me on this and it slipped my mind who you were talking about. I did buy a few things from him after I had seen Aaron had good dealings with him..Believe he was having health issues at the time but all went well and he actually sent extra stuff to me. 

Givin that I have been scammed here once by someone jumping in and creating an email address of a well known member here except for one character in the email which was missed by me initially, should have examined and patiently looked it all over as I normally do but was in a rush that day and did not think anything of it. Caught it a day later and of course by then was too late. Be very wary of any add but especially WTB adds you post anymore 90% of replies are scammers. 

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