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DIAS value


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I have been out of the NFA loop for while, (a couple years)

I have a transferable JCB steel DIAS and am thinking of selling it to buy land. the only into I could find was a recent sale by Ruben for $50+ thousand!

Are they really selling for that kind of money?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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5 hours ago, INTLMILCO said:

They are bringing 35-40 I think 

I think that is probably low for the market right now.

Frank also had a steel one listed in January and it sold quickly. Not sure what it went for but was listed at 55k.


I feel they are usually minimum about 10-15% more than what an HK sear goes for. They are also exceedingly more rare than an HK sear.

If somebody is looking for a rdias their options are always limited. It is a rare occurrence for 1 to be for sale anywhere let alone multiple at a time. This has been the case for over a decade, so usually when one hits the market it is the new high water mark in terms of price with respect to if it is steel or aluminum.

From a private individual on form 4 I would probably be listing it in the 45-50 range depending how fast I needed to move it.



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another relative price point is that RDIAS in the past have typically tracked at 2x the price of RLL.

I felt they were on par even with HK sears personally from what I've seen.

So yeah...you are looking at $45k-$50k I'd say for a person to person real sale. 

$40k would sell immediately, $60k wouldnt sell at all.

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10 minutes ago, 67ray said:

Even with the DIAS the lower needs all the other F/A parts yes?  Hammer, disconnector?

Yes all the M16 parts plus they're not exactly "drop in".  Thought I could just swap some parts and throw it in and rock and roll but that's not the case. My first experience with one so maybe once I get to hang of it it'll be a little easier but I haven't gotten it too work yet. Been out of town a lot so I haven't been able to tinker with it much.

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RUben's sold within hours for $45k September 2022. Neal Smith SN500: 


He had another one 1/23, sold quickly (days not hours) for $55k, link is on Sturm if you search the NFA boards

Another one on this forum sold within past month for (well was listed for) $55k and I think it was alloy not steel. Search isn't working right now, else I'd post a link.

This one was $45K IIRC: 


So I think < $45k right now is wishful thinking on buyers' part, and failure to follow the market on sellers' part.

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