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Question on transferable 1919a4s


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I am still new to the NFA world and I have attempted to look around already on this issue but I can not find an answer to this question. I am hopeful that someone on here may be willing to help with this question. 

Do registered transferable 1919a4 bolts exist?

Similar to the registered transferable UZI bolts that do exist, where the bolt has been milled to clearance the denial island of a semi-auto version. 

I ask because I have a semi-auto 1919a4 that I am sentimentally attached to because I built it with my son years ago and I would like to have a 1919a4 MG as I like Moses Browining designed firearms. 


Thank you for any thoughts on this or recommendations of where I should research further. 

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Highly doubtful.  It was easier and a better idea to put your time into fabricating a plate.  1919 semi's were not a "thing" back in 86 because you could have a transferable MG for the same price if you built it yourself from a parts kit.

The conversion parts you see for semi guns were because those guns were already in existence and it was easier to make a conversion part like a bolt and install it in a semi host.

If you have a semi, you'll need to locate a loose transferable plate, drill the rivets, and "re-build" what you've done, and ditch the semi-internals for unmodified one's.  HTH

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I have a virgin reg side plate but alas it's not for sale for any reasonable market price.

Precious few unistalled ones exist. I haven't seen a sideplate alone listed for many years now.

To answer your question....I've never heard of a registered transferable 1919 bolt. Only post sample dealer ones.


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Thank you everyone for helping me to better understand this is not possibility and why.

I was not sure what conversion parts or kits were available and registered as transferable prior to the 1986 cut off. From what I understand now that list seems to be: 1) Uzi Bolt, 2) HK Sear/Pack, 3) AR!5 RDIAS/Lighting link, 4) M1/2 Carbine.

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