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I have a very rare Colt's sub machinegun.  It started as a 1921 and then was over stamped as a 1928 and finally refinished and stamped as a 1928 A1.  This means that at some time it was probably rebuilt at a military arsenal and parkerized.  Prior to my ownership it was most recently owned by ELLIS PROPS & GRAPHICS.  This is also called the HOLLYWOOD'S ORGINAL PROP HOUSE.  I have a Certificate of Authenticity stating the gun was from ELLIS and the last movie it was used in was THE UNTOUCHABLES with Kevin Costner, Sean Connery, and Robert De Niro.

When I Purchased the gun it's finish was parkerized and well worn so I chose to have it refinished in the orginal COLT'S rust bluing by the best in the busines, Stan Andrewski in New Hampshire.  The gun is refinished beautiful and is equiped with 1928 A1 internal bolt and parts.  I have a complete 1921 COLT'S bolt, actuator, buffer, fiber disc,and a recoil spring that will be sold with the gun.  The lower is properly equiped with 1921 parts.  The gun is equiped with a 1928 butt stock and I have a 1921 numbered butt stock to go with the gun.  I am selling the gun with 2 L-drums and 6-30 round stick magazines and 2-20 round stick magazines.  I have the blanked barrel that came with the gun from ELLIS.  I have a correct new made front grip that was made by Doug Richardson from Califorina.  I would consider an offer for the gun and the parts wanted if someone does not want all the parts.  This gun is C&R and currently on a form 4 in Florida.  The buyer will pay tax stamp and I will pay shipping.  I have a lot of pictures available email at afuzzball4@yahoo.com for interested buyers only.  The price for the gun and all listed items and parts is lowered to $34,000.



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