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New manufacture M249/MK46 receiver/weldment kits for pistols, semi or full auto builds

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We are pleased to offer these new production kits from TPImports in partnership with DTV Tactical and TPM LLC. These kits are done in house, and are a great new option for builders that have a parts kit. We have used these for semi builds, both as rifles, and pistols for those states that have rifle restrictions. Also is a great option for dealers who want to do a post sample build and have a parts kit. 

We can assist on the labor side if needed, please contact us for more information about this. 

Price is $3500

Message us on Sturm or at sales@tpimports.com 

All forms of payment accepted, always open to trades for other firearms, ammunition, NFA items, gold, silver, crypto, Rolex watches. 

Brand new manufactured M249/MK46 receiver/weldment kits.

The kits are designed to make MK46 receivers (M249 minus the M16 magazine port) with front pintle bushing.

The bridges and rails have stock pin holes in them already making assembly very simple.

The channels do not have the trigger frame hole making them 80% and ATF compliant.

With slight ejection port modification and rail modification you can very easily make a MK48 with them as seen in the pictures. 

kits include:
gas tube support 
pintle bushing 
ammo hanger 
trigger pack hanger 
left rail
right rail 
charging handle rail 


We can send high quality photos of any other pieces you’d like to see. 







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