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Who is attending SHOT Show next week?

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Speaking of SHOT Shows .. ......... several years ago [ 2008 ] .......on the old Sturm Board ..... someone posted the below photo.

At the 1988 SHOT show in Las Vegas ......He was at Century Arms Booth ...... talking to the French GIAT salesman ....... who was showing how the FAMAS can balance on its muzzle [ Yes they balance like that ].

Look at the photo ........[  unknown to me at the time ]..... look over the salesman shoulder .....that is my ex-wife ...... Looking at me.

You can see my head .....to the left of the FAMAS Magazine bottom.

What are the odds ........ guys posts a 20 year old photo on Sturm ..... and I spot my ex-wife ....then see myself ! ! FAMAS_ShotShow88MuzzleStand.jpg



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7 hours ago, Spreadfire Arms said:

Just seeing who will be there who's also on the board......?!

See you there!

Steve Ou

Spreadfire Arms, Austin, Texas

Hi Steve,

Good to see you on the new board!  

I hope to run into you again sometime, even though I left Austin almost 10 years ago.  I know Peter still attends the shows there.  Have fun at the SHOT Show.

David Albert


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