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WTS: C&R NE Westinghouse 1917A1 w/mount, accessories & ammo $41,500


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C&R New England Westinghouse 1917A1 belt fed machinegun.  Includes mount, can, steam hose, cloth belt loader (~$1,200-1,500), and case of 760 rounds of Romanian 8mm ammo.  Gun is currently set up for 8mm.  Purchaser will also have the option to purchase pallet quantities of Romanian 8mm ammo.  Form 3 in Texas.

Designed by John Moses Browning, the Model 1917 saw combat in the final days of World War One and was America's go-to heavy machine gun for decades. Between the water cooling of the barrel and the rugged Browning design, the 1917 could bring sustained fire with impressive vigor, and in one early demonstration a 1917 was fired for 20,000 rounds without error, immediately fired another 20,000 rounds to show off to the assembled observers, and then traded out for a second 1917 which repeated the entire stunt to demonstrate that the production weapon would be just as good as the demo model. Additionally, the Model 1917 had a legacy in the form of the Model 1919 medium machine gun and the M2 50 caliber machine gun, two of the most definitive automatic weapons of the 20th century.










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Very rare example of an original 1917 Westy marked receiver, sideplate with RIA upgrades to A1 and so stamped. Only seen one other, also a Westy. Nice to see it.

Tripod is a later example and maker medallion lightly stamped" A2" for mod to recoiless use. 

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Gun is back for sale again.  Last Sunday someone emailed me and said "I'll take it" and forwarded me their FFL/SOT.  However, I had no further contact in a full week, and no payment was received despite requests for tracking number, etc.  Hopefully everything is ok with the potential buyer.  If anyone knows Lonnie Turney with Crowder Farms Enterprises in Alabama, please message me if something legitimately happened to him like an accident, emergency, etc.  Otherwise, I'll assume he just changed his mind for whatever reason.  



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