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M16 hammer catch difference- check your stash


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I recently changed out a hammer in a m16, and then it wouldn't run f/a.  I was also messing with some other parts to slow it down from 1200 rpm so I thought I had a bolt bounce issue.  Tried all typed of setups and it wouldn't run.

I had other parts laying out and noticed the difference in the pic.

Such a PITA to to waste time running this down. I dont know if there is a spec for the actual size but it does matter especially on the ar10s.

Speaking of which, this lead me to diagnose my F/A GEN 12 shotgun and I got it to running.





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On 1/31/2023 at 12:58 PM, INTLMILCO said:

One looks like an auto hammer, the one in the back, the one in the front looks like a burst hammer. Can you show me the whole hammer on top? Left and right side zoomed out. 

100% correct.  did some research and thats what they are



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