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WTS: 60mm Cup and accessories, Price $3 - $1,800


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Up for sale is a bunch of parts for the 60MM mortar that I had assembled in the hope of putting together a firing mortar one day.  The day has come to downsize, this is my loss and your gain.  Some of these parts are very rare, and have not been seen in some time.


Vintage WW2 60mm mortar cup.  Price is $1,800 cup is manufactured by Reco Arms, but writing is very faint, and has all but disappeared after repainting. The inside of the cup looks almost new with very little wear for it's age.  Only stamps that are clear are the inspection stamp, and the numbers 128.  Cup comes with a vintage WW2 firing pin, and will fit a US tube once it has been registered.  This will need to ship to an FFL, or face to face is available if buying locally. 

WW2 60MM Mortar Cup & Deactivated Barrel.  Price is $1500 cup is faintly stamped but hard to read. Barrel has a 60mm hole, cup is welded to the barrel, and would need to be taken off with a lathe. Easy to reactivate, with no damage done to the cup. Have a machine shop locally that can perform the work if you are wanting to have done before receiving the item.  Would probably cost less then $100. 

Six Resin Copies of complete M525 fuze.  This is the WW2 vintage fuze used during WW2.  These can be painted to look like real fuze.  Currently just in the raw casting material color.  Price is $10.00 Each.

One Partial M525 Fuze.  Missing plunger assembly, other wise is complete.  Price is $20.00

Two and a half M779 Practice fuze.  These are the new fuze, will work in the vintage shells, or the new shells.  Price is $20.00 each for the complete ones, and $10 for just the body.

Five M935 PD Fuze bodies.  These are the newest fuze.  Some are in ruff shape, but all could be cleaned up to be used again.  Price is $10 each. 

One M935 PD Fuze Complete fuze.  This is in great shape with all internals needed.  This would make a perfect display, or to use. 

Six tail fin extensions.  These are used to keep the older style of mortars from tumbling.  Price is $10 each. 

Twenty eight lift charge igniters.  These are the reloadable igniters that screw into the tail assemblies, and hold in the charges.  Price is $3.00 each. 


Prices are listed or best offer, if you are interested in more then one piece I can combine shipping and give a better price.  This is available for a face to face transfer in Cincinnati Ohio.

Pictures available upon request.

Thank you,


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