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WTS: Austen and Sten parts

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Austen Foregrip/Magwell (Pics A,B,C,D,E,F). With 20,000 ever made its hard to find anything thats Austen. Complete Austen foregrip/Magwell. This can also slide onto a Sten receiver adding a foreward grip (see pic installed on a Sten MK-II). $750

Austen & Sten mag loaders (Pic G). Austen loader is made by DC Ltd in Melbourne, Australia. Called a 'Austen Filler', $350. The British loader is SOLD   $ 25 

Original Sten Ejection Port Guards (Pic H). I have two (2), one is still NIW. These have a tab, are slipped over the receiver tube to keep fingers from going into the open ejection port. Very Rare Both $200.

Original Sten MK-II 9mm barrel thats been internally threaded & plugged for blanks (Pic I). Have 71 rounds of blank 9mm ammo thats head stamped 'LC-85'. Blanked bbl and 71 blanks $75.

Sten Mk-II parts (Pics J,K). $250

         1 Long Brach 1943 Complete MagWell
     1 Bolt Complete with Extractor
     1 Selector
     2 Triggers
     2 Trigger Rods
     2 Trigger Springs
     2 Trip Levers
     1 Sling
     2 Sear Pins
     2 Axis trigger Pins
     1 Recoil Spring
     2 Machined Sears
     2 Sear Springs
     1 Spring end Cup
     1 lower Housing Cover
     1 Spring Cap Lock Return

Sten Loop Stock (Pic L) is SOLD   $50

All plus shipping. Best to contact me at:   smgdave@yahoo.com

As always, first "I'll take it", followed by a timely E-mail or PM gets it.

Thanks, Dave



Austen Foregrip  A.JPG

Austen Foregrip  B.JPG

Austen Foregrip-MagWell  C.JPG

Group of Sten MK-II Parts  J.JPG

71 Blank 9MM Rounds with Blank BBL  I.JPG

Main Pic of 1943 LB Mag-Well   K.JPG

Sten MK-II Loop Stock  J.JPG

Austen Right View on Sten  D.jpg

Austen Bottom View on Sten  E.jpg

Austen Top View on Sten  F.jpg

Austen & Sten Mag Loaders  G.JPG

Rare Original Sten Finger Rest  View Down  H.JPG

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