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WTS HK21E/Hk23e RR Machine Gun---SOLD---


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WTS my hk21e/hk23e RR belt fed machine gun. For the 21e all German. For the 23e bolt is German and fed mec is a Michael Machine. 1 308 German barrel and 1 308 fmp barrel. 2 Michael Machine 556 barrels. Hk11 mag adapter as well as spare SEF pack. Hk shell bag, manuals, and spare parts. Bi-pod also included just not pictured Asking $67,500. 

Fleming Firearms did the conversion

I have owned this since June 2019

Youtube @daveblower3793





20230124_111443.thumb.jpg.2ca1d129121765a16b235aaa147b5b58.jpg20230124_111353.thumb.jpg.8c309dfc10c1ec7eee6025446574c77a.jpg20230124_110049.thumb.jpg.fece9f2e274dd9d3b9a90cd1d96eb842.jpg20230124_111321.thumb.jpg.ea040cad6cbab52d1615945e6971cebd.jpg20230124_111257.thumb.jpg.0a12ca293ba4fd5ad70273aae8102dde.jpg  20230124_111415.thumb.jpg.eccc31e49204c497a56fc09d855ffd40.jpg

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