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WTS: M60 Rail Set - FA

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   We have one set of FA M60 rails available. We sold these in 2020. A customer bought them and sold them back to us. See description below from the original 2020 listing. These will require some work to use. We sold 50 sets of these and everyone was able to complete the work. 

   As you can see from the photos the customer attempted to start the work on them. I do not believe the work that was done will impede the function of these in any way. They have never been installed in a gun.....Rails have become impossible to get over the last year.

Any questions or concerns please email me and I will answer them.

$600 … Price reduced  $475 Plus Shipping

Aaron - Mohnton, Pa




Old Listing Text:

We have some newly made M60 Rail Sets available. Read the entire description. These were made from USGI Prints. They are 4140 heat treated. Nitride Finish on them. Super Hard. The shop that made them was going off of very old paper prints and when we got them back we noticed some minor details that were not cut into the rails. I have made a video which is posted below detailing what those are and what needs to be done to run these rails. We did finish some of them and they are currently in running guns.

    To take each of these sets and finish them ourselves would not be worth the time. So we are selling at a heavily discounted price and modifying our cad file and re-cutting them. This would be a good opportunity for those mechanically inclined to get a high quality set of rails cheap. Any questions please ask.





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