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Great News...Alec Baldwin charged with involuntary manslaughter....

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The same obnoxious liberal POS hollywood anti-gun turd, that hates firearms. but likes to use them on screen to make lots of $$$$ and obviously shoot a camera man/woman for fun every now and then too!

Yea well, he better start practicing how to pickup his dropped soap bar in the prison shower!!

That boyz got right purty lips.....

Best of luck Alec!!






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  • R.L. changed the title to Great News...Alec Baldwin charged with involuntary manslaughter....

Don't celebrate too soon.  Indictment is a long way from conviction.  There's a whole lot wrong with what has been published and a lot of it makes zero sense.

There are not supposed to be any live rounds anywhere near a movie set.  How did they get there?  Did the set personnel think they were dummies?  Dummy rounds which are used for scenes like loading a gun are but obviously never for firing scenes are supposed to be very tightly controlled.  So did whoever supplied the dummies screw up or did someone else bring the live rounds onto the set?

The standard 5-in-1 blanks intentionally look absolutely nothing like live rounds, so how did live rounds get mistaken for blanks

The armorer was on her first job as the lead armorer but she's the daughter of Thell Reed and grew up on movie sets and has learned the trade since she was a kid.  It'd hard to believe she would screw up that badly.

The assistant director who was the last person to before Baldwin to handle the gun told him it was cold before he handed it to him.  It obviously wasn't.  He's already covered his posterior with a plea deal so he's looking to scapegoat someone else.  That raises the question of who loaded it with the live ammo and when.  It also indicates a lack of intent, "mens rea" in legal speak, on Baldwin's part; without proof of criminal intent it's going to be difficult to get a conviction.  If the prosecution can demonstrate gross negligence on Baldwin's part then maybe but do the standard protocols call for him to verify the condition of the gun?  And if so, how?

All of this will probably come out in the trial but at this point conviction is by no means a certainty.


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I do believe the shooting was "accidental"; the result of very poor gun safety.  I also believe that Baldwin is not telling the truth or telling the truth as he believes it when he says the revolver fired from half-cock.
I have a lot of experience with revolvers and have even tried to get one to fire that way and was unable to do it although I have two "accidental" discharges, both from "unloaded" weapons.  Always observing at least some good firearms safety the only victims were floors but I had also failed to properly check them first.
I also had a brand new unfired Beretta over and under 12ga fire both barrels on closing!  Turns out there was a factory recall on those guns for that very thing.  The ground suffered twice but it was pretty much uninjured!
He may have selective memory or just plain forgot the thing was cocked.
I dunno.
Children shouldn't play with guns.

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Bear in mind that a lot of what we read is written by people who don' know crap about firearms.  They do not understand the difference between "blank"  and "dummy" or the differing protocols involved with each which may prove critical in this case. They have absolutely no idea how a single action Colt works. They merely barf back what they have heard second (or third) hand usually with no understanding of what they are publishing

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