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Hats off to some good honest dudes who sold me Uzi parts

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While I await release of my Vector Uzi SMG from Form 4 limbo, which is on track for sometime in the next 4-6 weeks or so, I've been accumulating a big pile of spare parts and accessories from a variety of sources. I recently bought some rather pricey magazines and other items from several Sturm members, which caused me to swallow hard before sending large checks and money orders to unknown strangers.

I'm pleased to report that all 4 of them have delivered on their promises, and my Uzi ancillaries collection is damn near complete. I am now the proud owner of 2 of the C & S Metall-Werkes drum magazines that are so highly regarded and hard to come by, as well as .22 and .45 conversion kits with a good assortment of the corresponding rare magazines those kits require. I am planning to be at Big Sandy in a couple of months and really give them a workout.

Thanks and recognition are due to the following Sturm members, who cooperated with my persnickety demands for verifying that they were who they claimed to be, in fact had possession of the products they were selling, and then got them to me promptly and in good safe packaging shortly after they had received my funds. Here are their user names:

  • AK
  • b_san
  • BPinFL
  • Hooahken

I will defer putting their real names here, but if anyone wants to contact me about their bona-fides after they have arranged a purchase, they are welcome to message me.

And thanks also to Sturmgewehr for bringing honest buyers and sellers together to make deals. This place beats the hell out of GunJoker for NFA stuff.

PS There is very little else I need for the Uzi right now, but I would take more Vector/Group/BWE magazines to go with the Vector open bolt full auto .22LR kit, if anyone has them. I'm also in the market for 40mm stuff for my LMT M203, especially some cheap chalk rounds.


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Congrats on you new toy on the way and fortunally the sellers have not rooked you. I also have a MG in jail and have been buying spares. So far I have not been rooked. Aaron over at Beltfeds.Com has been super at communication,selection and getting parts to me ASAP. Lots of good guys here, just have to be on top of things. 

Again can't wait for you to share pics of your new toy!

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