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WTS - Ingram M10 45 w/Lage upper and extras

Bob Margolis

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I have an Ingram M10 sub-machine gun for sale. It has full-auto and safe functions enabled. It originally came with an A1 stock and an M4 style hand guard. I installed a Lage slow-fire upper and a Lage folding stock. This comes with everything you see in the photos (except the optic), the original upper, stock, six steel magazines, the Lage upper and folding stock. It's currently on a Form 4 and is personally registered to me. I'm also an FFL/SOT, so I'll gladly transfer it to your FFL/SOT. Buyer pays ALL transfer fees and taxes. It's very clean and has always functioned well. I'll remove the inexpensive optic before shipping.


Bob Margolis

bob@lifesafetraining.com or (860)778-1212







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