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TSA finds apparent anti-tank weapon in checked luggage at San Antonio International Airport

Buddy H

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2 hours ago, StrangeRanger said:

Seriously though there's a 90+% chance that this thing is a dewat.

So does it need to be declared?

I'd say it is likely live. This looks like a newer Carl Gustav recoiless rifle.  All the deactivated/demilled (not dewat, thats something else) are the much older ones that aren't in great shape and dont have the modern features this one does. 


Honestly it could have been on its way to SHOT show, could have been taken off a military base(these aren't just SOF use anymore, conventional infantry are issued them). Could also be one that a civilian contractor is traveling with and figured no one would care if he checked it. Lots of the instructors to the military for these are civilian contractors or DOD civilians. 

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