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Can an ar pistol (bought as a pistol) be changed to a rifle (not SBR) ??


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by adding a 16.5inch length upper and paperwork or letter or whatever is needed    I dont want to deal with the new brace thing by going to an SBR

thanks in advance, Regards, PeterNNH


nevermind found the answer DUH!!  



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Yes if you want to bow down to the king an his men just add 16 inch barrel you don’t have to notify any one about the change an you’ll be in compliance with the tyrannical rule that isn’t a law.  

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1 hour ago, Chasingprecision said:

My understanding pre brace days an AR pistol has a pistol buffer tube "size and dimension different from a stock or brace" ie can't accept a stock or brace so it was a dedicated pistol only 

that was never a requirement but people believed it.


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