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W.A.F.J.... anyone read ATF form 4999, I just did and...


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it's F-ing ridiculous.

I wonder how many pencil neck gov. geeks it took and how many millions of taxpayer dollars it took to publish this slimy backdoor gun registration attempt ?

Even if you don't own an arm brace, this type of non-congressional "legislation" by a non law making governmental "agency" is just as dangerous to you as a gun owner too.

I suggest everyone call in to their respective congressman and senator and COMPLAIN!!

Make your voice heard loud and clear.

ATF is totally out of control and needs to be reined back in...no actually they need to be abolished.

Wasn't Ruby Ridge and Waco enough to wake up everyone?

I would hope so.



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It did.

But just think of all the taxpayer $$$ wasted on some libtards personal legislative wet dream for gun control.

TOTAL waste of taxpayer money.

Think about it, they are using OUR money to persecute citizens.

More specifically gun owners.'




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I don't have any pistol braces, but:

There will be many lawsuits, ATF can Not change the wording of the law. (They are trying to change the wording of the law and definition of a "Rifle")

Plus, they are in common use. 

Pistol braces are here to stay.

But in the main time and until the lawsuits are won, take them off your pistols and store them in a different property that doesn't contain guns.

and make sure the backplate or receiver extension, can Not accept them or stocks. 

Good luck 

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