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S&W 76, MK760 Folding Stock Adapter Demand


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In late 2021, I made a run of CNC machined 4140 stock adapters that would allow you to add a more sturdy stock to your S&W 76/760 Subgun. They all went pretty quickly with very positive reviews. Have recently received several requests for more adapters, but this is a hobby for me and I am looking to see if there are more 76/760 Subgun owners interested in an adapter. If I can get 20+ interested parties, I would consider starting another run of 50+ adapters machined.

Estimated cost if I can get 20+ interested buyers is about $235.00

Please let me know via PM or email if interested.


Thanks, Opee



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Provide est cost
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1 hour ago, Opee said:

I tried to move this topic over to the parts & accessories forum, but cannot get it to post properly.

This post is NOT a for sale ad ….. it’s a question asking if there is any demand for this item …..

it belong on this board/forum … for Discussion……

plus you should also edit your post to show a price range …..

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