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For sale is a 1943 Russian PPSH 41 in 7.62x25.

Likely re-watted at some point as when I acquired it was in caliber "9mm" (9mm stated on the form 4). Years ago, 7.62x25 was difficult to obtain and likely resulted in the owner converting to the more readily available 9mm. This is a guess on my part. The form 4 does state the manufacturer as "Soviet Gov't"  I have had the SMG professionally refinished by John Andrewski and converted back to its original caliber. I believe these smgs run better in 7.62 and this one runs flawlessly with both 71 round drum and 35 round stick mag. Marked 1943 and star in the shield (Vyatskie Polyany Factory I believe). 5 digit serial number is obscured in the photo.

Includes 1 drum and I will include the 9mm barrel.

Price $27,000

Form 4 in New Hampshire.








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3 hours ago, StrangeRanger said:

Did you ever resolve the origin/meaning of the horse head mark?

No I saw your post on Gunboards asking about it on another PPSH. Is it an importer mark? I do not know. I've looked online and cannot find anything definitive. 

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