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Transferable Original Colt M16A1 5.56 mm Machine Gun

Nunns Guns

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Original Colt M16A1 5.56 mm machine gun that was transferred from Colt in CT directly to a California PD in 1978.  In the early 1990's, it went from there to a FFL/SOT.  It has been in a climate controlled safe, untouched and unfired, since then.  A copy of the original transfer/registration form – from Colt to the PD - for this gun, will go with the sale. 

Overall condition of the receiver is excellent, virtually no marks on it.  The condition of the internals, barrel, and mag well seem to indicate it was used/fired very little.  (The PD it came from was not very big and it was a relatively quiet community, so it’s possible it rarely left the PD armory.)  

The handguard has been replaced with a NOS one. (The original handguard had a small crack in it on the bottom.)

The pistol grip has been replaced with an unmarked NOS one.  (The original pistol grip had "RBPD" crudely etched into the plastic.)

There are [now] no PD markings anywhere on the gun. 

Ready for Form 3 eForm transfer to your FFL/SOT. 

The price has been reduced to $35,500 plus shipping & insurance. 

You may email gpd035@sbcglobal.net and/or call 903-450-3943.


















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