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Pulled the charging handle on SEMI M2HB back without barrel attached and now bolt assembly is locked to the rear. Not all the way back, about 2" off the back, can get it to slide forward for about 2" off the back by gently tapping the trunnion with wooden dowel but after about 2" of movement it stops. I dont have a barrel and would like to get the bolt assembly moved forward and release the pressure on the springs.

I am new to the M2 platform and any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance.

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I dont believe it has a Bolt Hold open, there is space open beneath the butterfly.  

I am not sure I put it back together correctly, I have never removed the bolt assembly, just inserted the detent of the recoil spring and slid the backplate down and locked it in. And for whatever reason I wanted to test the action so I pulled back on the charging handle and here I am.

Should I try and install barrel now, I am concerned that its possible the threads wont align properly if there is perhaps cant in the reaward action of the bolt assembly.

I can still charge backwards 2 more inches and get the the bolt assembly to move forward from there with light tapping on the trunion where the barrel is supposed to screw in, but it then stops as if there is a bolt hold open, I realize the whole assembly barrel included may cant or rock up out of plane during action, and maybe with out the barrel to retain position the bolt assembly is hanging up somewhere it is a large assembly with all the components.

Thank you for the replys. 

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