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Help Identifying Information Related To A Colt M16 F/A


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Here is a FA Colt M16 with serial 906XXXX, can anyone tell me where it was sent, year of manufacture and what would be the "correct" period sling? No US Property Marking on the receiver. I'm finding conflicting information online and I trust you all more than I trust myself with Google search.

From my research it could be an export sent to Malaysia or a CA Railroad Police rifle. Can anyone confirm or deny?

Is the cosmoline original? 

Want your opinions, has it been fired outside of the initial Colt factory fire test?

There are 2 pictures that appear to have a faded imprint of some kind, does anyone know what they are? See 2nd post for images. 











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I'm not an expert here but know a few things that you inquired about, the "C H" on the right side under the windage adjustable dial are upper receiver forging codes and stands for Colt/Anchory Harvey. Other stampings on the upper receiver are proof marks of some sort. While your picture of the hammer shows very little "shiny area" from hitting the firing pin, the hammer could have been changed out. However, the overall condition of the pictured firearm shows little or no usage aside from Colt. Nice piece and looks all original. The two pictures you show with looks like a magic marker design maybe in fact just that. Hope to hear from others...

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My two cents- the rifle has been very well cared for and hasn't been used much, but judging by the dent the dust cover has put in the lower receiver, it's been cycled more than a few times.  Also, the grease or cosmoline can't be original, because Colt never used it on the guns they shipped.  They relied on "VPI" paper and other high-tech chemicals to keep their guns from rusting  so that application of grease was done by someone else.  A proper sling should be one of the black cloth ones.



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Beautiful rifle, that looks like some of the guns that were sent to malaysia. Im guessing 1973-74. You can write colt and get a letter of provenance I believe? Alot of guns that looked like this ended up at Limex Austria which came from Malaysia. 

Its a commercial/export roll mark but a less common one, the more common commercial rollmark is the centered design. I think this is a really cool version. The gun has been maintained but it has been shot a little in my opinion. Its hard to tell from photos. 

All factory configuration. Is the barrel marked CMP Chrome Bore on the top? I would put a nylon M1 sling on it. 

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