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WTS: HK SP5K-PDW $4,000

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I'm looking at selling my HK SP5k-PDW. I have had this platform for less than a year and bought it brand new from a dealer. It started life out as an HK SP5k and was then sent off to TPM outfitters to have the work done to turn it into the PDW version. I've ran this weapon with absolutely zero malfunctions and has been meticulously cared for. Will come with factory case and all paperwork, sling, tool, original barrel etc. I had TPM throw on a B&T threaded barrel along with a 3-lug attachment and original (not American) German paddle mag release. I originally bought this to supplement my fleming sear and original German SP89 host, but I really don't feel the need to have it as a backup as I don't shoot too terrribly often. I also had TPM weld the bolt for full-auto use so this thing is literally plug and play (if you have a sear, of course). NOTE: The AAC suppressor, Eotech,HK optic mount, vertical foregrip, and buttstock are NOT included in the sale. I sold the semi auto trigger pack earlier so it will NOT come with a trigger pack. However, it will come with the selector lever and the (safe, semi, burst and full auto pictogram lower trigger housing. This will ship as a pistol as it came from the manufacturer.  All of my weapons are extremely well cared for and have never been abused. The original foregrip from the manufacturer will ship with this weapon. If you cannot legally purchase a gun, please do not waste mine and your time by trying to obtain this. Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything else! 

CONTACT ME: ivwilliamshieldsNOSPAM@gmail.com (remove nospam)

Hope everyone is off to a great new year and thank you for the boards, Buddy!

$4,000 Certified USPS money order is preferred, but am willing to work with a buyer.IMG-1236.thumb.jpg.6ac3d62ee86e76e5ae1fe9510f834217.jpgIMG-1237.thumb.jpg.6e94cea1fb0e0944d995f7bcbdfca377.jpgIMG-1238.thumb.jpg.ab7307ab13d302d2b0d93a8e84a5593f.jpgIMG-1239.thumb.jpg.d469fe82e76515f158d8abf9fce74eb5.jpgIMG-1234.thumb.jpg.1bc0da1b2ab74a011373e9001cd769ae.jpg


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