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FOSTECH AR15 with Binary Trigger Stealth 7.5 Sentinel 5.56 Echo AR II N.I.B 4.2 LBs LOWER PRICE


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Looking for a Stealth pistol? The Fostech Sentinel brings a whole new meaning to the word Stealth. Weighing in at ONLY 4.2 lbs. the Fostech Sentinel is ridiculously light and packs a crazy punch! Paired with the FACTORY BINARY Echo AR II trigger this pistol makes for an incredibly compact package.
7.5 Barrel, With ALL Papers, its New
Fostech Mach-2 7 Rail
Fostech FA Low-Mass Bolt Carrier Group
Fostech Strake Brake
Fostech Sabre Grip
Echo II Trigger BINARY
4.2 lbs. TOTAL i Got $2100 in it $1400.00 SHIPPED. FFL a Must. BRAND NEW. thanks john we have Over 900+ All + feedbacks on Ebay as 22eley also. 5 DAY hold On a SOLD CALL me 419-212-9460  





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