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WTS M2HB .50 Cal Stellite Barrels very slightly used 700.00 and Misc M2HB Parts each


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Have 2 M2HB Barrels,  Stellite Lined Current issue, that are as new very slightly used, out of wrap, 98% finish 700.00 ea.

2  Complete right side charging cocking handle assembly all new with large plate ready to mount on the side plate 300.00

1 Very rare M10 side cocking handle group with pull cable complete all in new condition 175.00 

1 Barrel carry handle 50.00 

1 Head space and timing set gauge 45.00

Rear sight ladder complete (No Bracket) 40.00

Front sight with Hood 35.00

Complete Breach block assembly that bolts into bottom of receiver That locks up the bolt complete with block and all parts with flat spring and large bolt and nut 75.00 ea.

M2HB Exc. T&E mechanism 100.00

M2HB Dual rail QD Scope mount 125.00

M2HB Buffer housings new in wrap 125.00 ea.complete with Internal spring buffer group 200.00 ea.

M2HB Barrel support new in wrap, with Shim 185.00 ea.

M2HB Barrel extension, excellent 200.00

M2HB Spare parts survival set with the following; All NOS New condition! Super deal on all the hard to find parts in a set to put away for your expensive baby!

Recoil spring group complete 

Firing pin

Firing pin extension

Timing Screw assembly

Feed slide arm for top cover

Sear bar


Side pins, for bolt

Release lever for top of bolt

Extractor switch set for inside receiver

Feed pawl assembly parts for top cover

Cartridge guide front and rear set 

Extractor assembly

Breech block assembly


Various springs, flat and round,

Rear takedown spade grip release 

Belt feed slide assembly

Bolt switch 

Top cover handle latch

Belt holding pawl 

Trunnion pin long, for belt pawl

All for only 400.00 for the entire set!!

If you want individual parts only, please ask, I may be able to accommodate your needs!


GPrue8@aol.com is best to make sure its not going to spam as is happening sometimes.





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