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For most of us old timers here, Bob Naess/Black River Militaria is  a well known C-3 manufacturer, a super source of firearms history and repair, and a nice guy too!

After selling off most of my C3 I kinda' lost contact with a lot of my old C3 friends.

I got a call the other day from a board member friend here looking for help locating and importing a barrel.

I sent him to Bob and of course he knew exactly where to send the friend who needed help.

Not sure if Bob posts here now or not. He used to post on snubguns back in the wild west days.

Just wanted to thank him for the help.

People new to this hobby need to seek out the old guys with  C 3 knowledge to educate yourself.

Once the old guys are gone ...so is the knowledge base.

I can't tell you how much I miss talking with my old pal Mike Todd.

Friday was my 69th birthday, among other things, it occurred to me just how many old friends I've lost here over the last few years.

Tempus Fugit friends.




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Bob re-lined a MP40 bulged barrel for me on a C&R all-matching. He has also repaired MP40 bolts. Also, brought a AOC M1 up to shooting spec. 

Great guy to chat with.....very knowledgeable about NFA history.  

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