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MAT-49 7.62 Tokarev help

Bravo Whiskey

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I'm the proud owner of a MAT-49 chambered in 7.62 Tokarev. It's an amnesty registered, Vietnam bring back, super cool subgun !

Unfortunately, I don't have a magazine for it. Curious if you guys know of a source or have any thoughts regarding a possible solution.    

I'm currently slicing and dicing a STEN magazine in hopes of finding a solution. Removing the 'rib' on the rear of a STEN mag will allow room for a Tokarev cartridge.

I have a couple 9mm MAT-49 magazines, but I really don't want to alter one of those.

Any thoughts/ideas would be appreciated. Let's knock this around and find an answer.

Obviously, I'm a buyer if anyone has a 7.62 MAT-49 magazine (usually crudely marked with a capital K) or any MAT-49 magazines or spares.   


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