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Process to de register an SBR?


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Was curious if any SOT‘s can enlighten me as to the process to de-register an SBR?

what process, forms and paperwork are necessary & will I receive back a confirmation of the de- registration?

thanks in advance!

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1 hour ago, MSAA said:

thank you pstidan

Let me clarify,  can a HK SP5K pistol that was registered as an SBR & remarked to MP5K-N,  be de-registered back to a pistol?

Yes. Per the Thompson center firearms court case, a pistol can become a rifle and then back to a pistol again. However, a rifle supposedly cannot become a pistol per atf guidelines. Not sure if that's been decided in court though

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Course your other option is to do nothing.  You can't de/un- register anything.  Once the form is filed it's permanent record.  In this case you filed for the ability to make a combination of parts.  Once the combination is dissolved your registration no longer applies to that item.  If the firearm is sold in legal title 1 configuration, it's not relevant to your registration of your particular combination of parts.

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