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FS: 81mm US Mortar and Sun Cal kit.


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I have a nice 81mm US mortar. Barrel is new made. I believe the leather muzzle cap is original and not reproduction. Cup and barrel are currently separated, making the cup a title 1 which can transfer to any FFL.

The barrel will not ship until the buyer has an approved form 1 or 2 and shows us a copy. We are a DD Manufacturer so we could also register with our FFL and ship out on E File Form 3. 

I also have a sub cal kit available. Sub cal works with 60, 81, and 4.2” mortars and looks to be new in the box. These sub cal kits use .22 blanks to launch and also use a .22 blank for a report on impact. 

$6,000 for the mortar 

$2,000 for the Sub cal kit 

$7,500 for a package deal. 

message for more pictures or information. I will consider trades for MG, DD, or other military equipment. 




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