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Scam reloading sites


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I was up till 2am  est this morning trying to filter out and record the scam reloading sites online, while looking for 6mmBR and .204 Ruger brass.

HOLY SHXT, Absolutely Mission "IMPOSSIBLE." It's mind boggling how many there are.

The recent number of fake scammer reloading sites  has become exponential..... beyond anything I ever imagined.

How the hell they are permitted to maintain a net presence is criminal..

One dead give away is the site address, many times the actual business name once you reach the site is different than the site name on the page itself. 

They will often use a well known suppliers name and change a letter or two or add another name to the well known seller to fool you.

STOP...do some research first. They prey on desperation during these bad times for shooters and reloaders.

Of course the obvious, never send $$ to any site that won't take credit cards, or insists communicating through another email address they supply or using texts to communicate.

If an unfamiliar supplier has that exact thing you're looking for that no one else has....they're  a scammer, about 99.99% of the time.

It's bad enough we can't find the reloading supplies we need, but now we have the additional task of weeding out with these frigging bottom feeders too.



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