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Like New 1943 M2 HB Heavy Machine Gun


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Manufacturer: Ramo Corp. Nashville Tenn. Under Browning Pat.      

Gun has fired less than 300 rounds in its lifetime. (262)  I have full History 

Included in Sale:

Three Barrels: The original Barrel, one new barrel never fired Stellite in original canvas carry bag, one used I was going to use for Tracers or other.

Two Pintle's, one for tripod, One for Vehicle or antiaircraft Cradle. Adapter for using Cradle on tripod. Feeler Gauges for head space & timing.

Two new broken case Extractors. Extra set of new springs (for Gun) extra firing pins. Linking & Delinking machine (ten rounds at a time) WWll

Extra new Links (a bunch). TM's. AND plus, or minus 3100 rounds of new Ammo. NO RELOADS, Late U.S. surplus. 

$ 89,500.00   Includes Shipping.     Not insurance



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Yes, to all you have asked about. The ammo is in 50 Cal. GI cans 100 rounds per belt, a few cans are not belted. Most of the belted has a tracer every 5th round and some have AP. Since we are talking, GUNBUGS has brought it to my attention that it is not a 1943 because RAMO did not supply M2's during the war. When I bought it, I was told it was. After going down a Rabbit Hole that had no bottom and calling Buffalo Bill Museum and talking Danny the curator. and the Rock Island armory and giving them the serial # it seems no one has the dates

 when it was built. The guns that have been sold over the years have had higher numbers than mine. Some by 1000 or more. I had a Master Sgt. from the armory come over and show me how to take it apart for cleaning, his comment was that this was a brand new gun. I asked how he knew this, and he told me that all the guns he worked on fell apart and mine had to be pulled apart by hand  because of no wear on any of them. I guess no one kept track of #'s or at least no one I can find. I was going to call the ATF and see if they knew anything, but people told me (let sleeping dogs lie). So there you have it! if you have any more  questions don't hesitate to text.    DJ


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So what you have is a side plate gun made maybe in 1983? Or later.  Parts may be older?  You have it priced much higher than original WW2 guns are bringing even at high priced auctions.  Think about cutting your price in half?  The side plate was made before May 1986, but the gun could have been put together anytime between the late 80's and last week.    You would need to file a FOIA request in writing with ATF to find out when the side plate was registered, but that has no bearing on when the gun was assembled.  Think about a year to find that out.

Someone sold you a story.

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That these repro M2.50s are mistaken to be WWII manufactured examples is one of those falsehoods that will always be around. RAMO, INC was started in 1977, and is credited with being the first to revive the production of M2 .50 BMGs since WWII. Whether that is true, I'll take it in faith. As noted above, the parts used to assemble the guns were surplus from the WWII manufacture of the guns and other sources. Pony Maples and an associate got the business off the ground and over many years, produced and sold many excellent "registered sideplates" and complete .30 and .50 BMGs.  
There is bound to be an archive of the date-of-manufacture/serial numbers of RAMO and Group MGs somewhere. These repro MGs will become C+R eligible before long and ATF will need to know their dates of manufacture to determine their C+R transfer eligibility.
Group Industries manufactured, registered and assembled complete U.S. BARs for the MG shooting hobby and collector industry which also have been falsely represented as the "last" wartime production of the gun with ridiculous prices asked for them. This falsehood doesn't seem to go away either. FWIW



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