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WTS: H&K MP5 Terry Dyer Correct WIth H&K Qualified Manufacturing $48,000 Price Drop


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We have for sale a Heckler & Koch H&K MP5 9x19mm NATO fully transferable H&K sear sub machine gun.

This uses a Qualified Manufacturing Registered transferable sear in a original HK94 that has been remarked MP5 and upgraded by Terry Dyer. This gun has spend most of its life since the upgrade in the safe i don't believe the person we bought it from ever shoot it after it returning from H&K.  The receiver has been correctly remarked to read “MP5. The stock and furniture are in excellent condition with no wear to speak of. The A3 buffer is in beautiful shape.

This NFA fully transferable H&K machine gun sear is currently on Form 3 that is ready to eifle to your dealer the form 3  lists “Qualified Manufacturing ” as the manufacturer and “H&K” as the model. This model is currently set-up as a one NFA stamp transfer, using a Heckler & Koch Model 94 as a standard Title One rifle as a host gun. This transferable sear is NOT permanently married to this host, however, if a user desires to separate the sear from this host to make two different firearms, they will have to file an ATF Form 1 to legally create a Short Barrel Rifle with the host gun, or install a 16″ barrel to allow for Title One compliance.

We can send many more pictures upon request.

We will take Check,MO or CC with 3%. May be interested in Pre may Trades.








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Price Drop!!!
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13 hours ago, Dtob said:

To be Title One compliant, do you have to replace the barrel or can you just replace the stock with a “pistol” end cap?

HK94 started out as a rifle - cannot become a pistol. Has to have a 16" barrel or registered as a SBR. With a sear installed it can be a "host" in any form.

SP5L is opposite, started out as a pistol so can mimic a rifle (rifle stock and 16" barrel) or can chop the barrel and add a cap or pistol brace. Once the barrel is shorter than 16", no rifle stock unless it is registered as a SBR

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