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ProMag 20 rnd Saiga drums


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Hey Robert, 

I bought a box of those too back in the day. Prior to us moving to AZ, I was selling a lot of accessories (did not want to move them) and that box needed to go.

I don't recall exact pricing, but if I paid $110 ea I remembered losing about $25 on each one. Promags packaging sucked, those did not want to fit into Priority mail boxes very well at all. Dennis


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Hey Dennis.

Long time.

Glad to hear you moved from the Peoples Communist republic of Oregon.

We left Virginia for the same reasons, and probably a few more.

Yea packaging was stupid HUMONGOUS.

I got these 20 rounders before prices went up.

They actually work great in my SAIGA 12.

The smaller 12 rnd drums have to be fitted a tad due to discrepancies with Saiga's quality control.

A little light filing sometimes, but they work reliably too.




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