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WTS: 20mm oerlikon barrel, MG 08/15 bipod

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A nice 20mm Oerlikon barrel $995

MG 08/15 bipod. Original German, Pitted, but 100% solid with serial number painted on the side and stamped on top. Great for that missing T-gewehr bipod or to replace that repro you just can't stand. $1400

 take out the "no spam" and spaces johnsonlmg no spam 41@yahoo.com Cross posted.

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Also  have two 08/15 bipod bases.  One is aftermarket, the other is original and a bipod could be rebuilt from it.  It is the complete top with latch and working spring, but the sheet metal legs have been removed.   $300 on the  new made,  $500 on the original.

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