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WTS FNC transferrable w/ S&H sear on Form 3. Ready to eFile.


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FN FNC Machinegun with folding/para stock with S&H Sear installed. Marked for 4 positions (Safe - Semi - Burst - Auto) ready for burst installation. An excellent 5.56 machinegun for way less than an M16. 

Asking $21,995. Buyer covers shipping. 

Form 3 in Colorado. Ready for eFile and fast tx. 

Contact me if you have questions, or would like to arrange purchase. 


IMG_8655 (1).jpg

IMG_8651 (1).jpg


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Out of my MG collection my FNC is by far my favorite best assault rifle ever made. IMO better than the M16! Cant beat it for a 556 rifle. Question for you in case you may know I cant not seem to find any information online-----My FNC is a gun south import with Howco and 5.56 markings but is not marked sporter. It is a 14 inch barrel but I think that was shortened when converted though not sure. So question is, was this originally a police gun and not a "sporter" or is there some other reason (i.e. dates when they produced and stared or deleted the term sporter etc.). I realize you may not know, but if you do or some other reader does let me know! 

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