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WTS Transferable RIA M60 w/ LOTS of extras


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WTS excellent condition transferable RIA M60 on F4 in CT.  I've owned this gun since Summer of 2015.  The gentleman from whom I purchased it was a large collector here in CT with several high condition transferables. He owned two RIA M60's, an E3 and the one here. He claimed this gun was unfired.  I believe him due to the lack of any noticeable wear, but neither he nor I am the original owner, so who actually knows.  I have put exactly 480 rounds of LC ball through it.  It runs like a top.  Gun is in perfect mechanical condition with very little signs of use. It comes with a host of NOS and excellent condition parts to keep it running reliably for a long time. Aside from the needed operating parts, it also comes with an NOS SACO E3 kit with long barrel, and an M60D kit.  D kit is missing the rubber boot and mounting bar for ejection control bag, but includes excellent + 400rd Helo box, NOS feed chute with box and gun ends, and the ejection control bag.  Also comes with an excellent condition M2 tripod, complete T&E + pintle, and NOS H60 cradle mount (small pintle). I have some interesting M60 information sheets from Maermont about M60E2 and M60D sent to Fort Deven in 1974 addressing their request for M60D parts, which I will include. Gun ships in a brand new IM3300 Pelican case.  Gun goes in the case, case goes back into its plastic protective sleeve, and it all goes into the cardboard box for the case. Largely one-stop shopping for someone looking to get into an M60. $79,500 OBO, FOB my location in CT. I can include the custom pedestal mount, but I’m not too interested in shipping it.  It is large and HEAVY.

Will email parts list to interested parties.  I am not interesting selling parts separately, at this time.

Link to complete pic album (59 pics)



















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