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What does Morphy's charge to buyer?


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9 minutes ago, Spartan said:

Depending on the item the commission is negotiable. 

If I’m not mistaken, I think that is just the seller’s premium.  They say on their website they will go down to 0% seller’s premium for high dollar items and big collections (dunno, maybe they will even rebate a couple percentage points of buyer’s premium to the seller if they really want a listing).

Buyer’s premium is 20% + 6% PA sales tax when bid direct or on their platform.  Alternative bidding platforms (eg Proxbid) often will add a couple extra percentage points on top of the auction house buyer’s premium.

Have you successfully negotiated the buyer’s commission lower beforehand?  How?



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I bought a water cooled gun with tripod and accessories from Morphy’s a couple years ago.

The gun and stuff was $21k
Buyers premium $4200 
Shipping $134
Insurance $67
Handling $144
Tax $0

total $25,539 





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Whenever I bid on an item from either Morphy or Rock Island auctions, I multiply my maximum bid by 1.4 to cover the buyer's premium, sales tax, insurance, shipping, etc. and that usually gets me close to the actual price.  Of course, shipping on one pistol vs. three shotguns does make a difference.  I always pay via credit card and that is more expensive.  I've never bid on a twin water-cooled .50 rig so I don't know about any negotiation that they might do.  Good luck on your bidding.

Kevin in NC 

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