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For the SERIOUS THOMPSON COLLECTOR - Historic Company Artifacts


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Russell Maguire purchased Auto-Ordnance Corporation in 1939 and, over the six years of World War Two, provided the Allied Nations around the world with Thompson Submachine Guns to fight and defeat Hitler's troops.  This massive undertaking was successful, in part, by Frederic A. Willis, Maguire's Vice President and a close relative of Winston Churchill.  To honor Willis' significant contribution, Maguire presented Willis with this sterling silver miniature Thompson Submachine gun.  In exchange, Frederic Willis wrote and presented to Maguire a privately published history of the Thompson, titled "TOMMY."   These ultra-rare Thompson collectibles, along with a superb example of the 1928A1 Thompson submachine gun produced during the years Frederic Willis helped guide Auto-Ordnance Corporation, are being offered by Morphy Auction Company on November 16, 2022.  Go to morphyauctions.com and learn the fascinating details of Lot 2012 in Morphy's EXTRAORDINARY FIREARMS AND MILITARY Auction.

2 Silver Thompson - left side view.jpg

7 TOMMY by Frederic Willis - Cover.jpg

8 TOMMY by Frederic Willis - Dedication Page.jpg

S-215743NAC Left Full View.jpg

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