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FBI List Serve email address 0000011a91350fe0-dmarc-request@listserv.leo.gov

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How many of you got my email I sent to 0000011a91350fe0-dmarc-request@listserv.leo.gov?  Evidently, if you send an email there, it goes to every FFL in the nation! I did mention I have a couple guns for sale and am interested in transferables.  Already had a couple angry FFL's email and one that left me a one star rating on google.  Oh well I just wanted to see if it worked and evidently it does.  Sorry if it offends you I just wanted to see what would happen.

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13 hours ago, HHollow said:

Spam is OK if it generates business?

In my mind, the fact that RRO could so easily access the distribution list address is a bigger issue than him looking for some goodies.

More government incompetence. Trust in those fools and you burned. 

ETA: I do think that RRO should remove the distribution list address here now that the experiment is done. 

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