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23 No-Letter Post Sample MGs for sale (Individual Prices Added)


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Dropping my SOT, so I'm selling the following MGs as No-Letter Post Samples. I plan to ship the guns via UPS Overnight, and accessories via UPS Ground. The Form 3(s) will be submitted as soon as the last form 2 clears.

Pics are at the very bottom


 Price    Item  Details
 $20,000.00 M60

M60 Post Sample w/E3 Furniture
M60E1 (Vietnam Style) Furniture
5,000x M13 7.62 Links

 $13,500.00 MG42

1944 MG42 Post Sample (Reweld) with WaffenAmpt Eagle Stamps
8mm Mauser Barrel & 2x Steyr .308 Barrels (Check Headspace of .308 Barrels before using)
1x MG42 WWII Bolt & 2x Upgraded MG3 Bolts, 3 Recoil Springs
MG3 Conversion Kit (Feed Tray Cover, Feed Tray, Booster Cone)
Blank Firing Adapter
10x 50rd Belts with starter tabs
Leather Sling



U.S. Machine Gun Armory Factory Mk46
SAVIT Stock and Bipod
QTY 2x M249 Barrels (Short & Long)
2,000x M27 Links




Gideon Omega UMP-40
Registered Post Sample HK UMP40 Bolt
HK UMP 40 Lower
5x UMP 40 30rd Mags
C-More Sights 4 MOA Red Dot Sight 


 $13,500.00 PKM

Yugo M84/PKM on US-Made Receiver (Title 1) (NEW BUILD - Only Test Fired)
Post Sample PKM Operating Rod



Aero Precision Post Sample X15 Receiver (M16 Style)
Aero Precision USGI 20" Barrel
10x USGI M4/M16 30rd Magazines


 $6,750.00 KRISS

Kriss USA Vector 45ACP SBR
Kriss USA Post Sample Drop-In SMG Upper (Semi/Burst/Full Auto)
MLOK Rail & 3-Lug Silencer Mount
Kriss USA Iron Sights (Folding)
2x Kriss Title 1 Uppers (Tan & Black)
10x 45ACP 30rd Mags (OEM Glock with Kriss Baseplates) 



Russian PPSH-41 7.62 Tok Post Sample
10x 35rd PPSH-41 Magazines
450 Rounds PPU 7.62x25 Tokerev Ammunition



STEN MkII Post Sample (needs $15 disconnector to run semi, otherwise F/A only)
Ported Barrel and Integral Suppressor
Original Barrel & Heatshield
Magazine Loader
13x 20 Round Magazines (For STEN MkII)


 SOLD  M11/9

Post Sample Cobray M11/9 Conversion
YHM R9 Silencer with Low-Profile 3-Lug mount
Lage Max-11Sk Upper w/ Vertical Foregrip
3-Lug Adapter & Holosun HS407 Red Dot
MCX Folding Stock & Stock Adapter
5x 32rd Shockwave "Z-Mag" Magazine (For M11/9)


 SOLD  Scorpion

CZ Scorpion Semi Pistol
Post Sample 3-Position Selector-Lower
CZ Folding Stock, Magpul VFG
Sig Romeo MSR Red Dot
3-Lug Adapter & Angstadt Arms 3-Lug Blast Diverter
10x CZ Brand 30 Round Magazines



McKay Ind Uzi Post Sample 9mm SMG
GSL Tech "Jericho" Uzi Silencer
Gold Cerakote
5x IWI Uzi Pro 32rd Magazines


 SOLD  G18

Glock 17 Gen 3 w/ Auto Sear Backplate
KPOS "Scout" Chassis w/Magpul VFG
10x Black Glock OEM 33rd Magazines (For G18)


 SOLD  M240B

M240B with Post Sample RSP
Full Stock
3 Position Gas Key Barrel
M13 Ammo Linker
5,000x M13 7.62 Links


 SOLD  P90

FN PS90 with 10.4" CMMG Barrel
Post Sample Trigger Pack (Factory FN)
Factory Full Auto Selector
GSL Tech P90 Silencer with QD Flashhider
Holosun HS407 Red Dot
10x 50rd Factory FN Magazines (For P90)



PTR HK51 clone (8" Barrel 7.62 NATO)
Title 1 Receiver with Post Sample G3 Trigger Pack
Surefire Pro-Comp Muzzle Brake
Midwest Industries MLOK Handguard with QD Sling mount
Samson Steel Vertical Foregrip
Mlok Handstop
Custom Bolt Carrier/Bolt to shoot Blue AM32 German Training Ammo
500 Rounds Blue AM32 German Training Ammunition
2x20rd G3 Mags


 SOLD  AK103

PSA Ak-103 Post Sample
Cleaning Rod
AK-74 Stlye (x39 sized) Muzzle Brake
10x KCI Steel 30rd AK Magazines



TommyBuilt Tactical G36K 12.5" Barrel Post Sample MG
10x Magpul Pmags 30rd (For G36K)


 SOLD  F2000

FN F2000 Factory MG Full Auto Trigger Pack Only


 SOLD  M1919

M1919 with Post Sample RSP (Israeli .308 Kit) 2,000 Links
Spade Grips with Wood Handles
Original M1919 Pistol-Grip M1919A6 Bipod and Buttstock
M1919 Ammo Linker



Century Draco Nak9x (9mm AK) Post Sample
Magpul Stock, Handguard, QD Sling cup
Verical Foregrip, Angstadt 3-Lug Mount
3-Lug Flash Hider (HK Style)
10x FDE Glock OEM 9mm 33 Round Magazines (For NAK9X)


 SOLD  RPD (1) DSArms RPD Semi Receiver with Russian Parts Kit (NEW BUILD - Only Test Fired)
Post Sample Op-Rod for RPD
2x 100rd Belt/Drum Sets
 SOLD  RPD (2) DSArms RPD Semi Receiver with Russian Parts Kit (NEW BUILD - Only Test Fired)
Post Sample Op-Rod for RPD
2x 100rd Belt/Drum Sets









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