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Must be a sign of old age....or?


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Got a shxt ton of black rifles, sure I like em, but there's nothing more pleasing to a rifle guy's eye than a primo wood stock that lights up when you take it out of it's case.

Back in the Reinhart Fagen days, as a young boy I used to marvel at the range of pictures of Circassian, French and Claro walnut blanks, in paper catalogs they sold for rifles and handguns.

The high exhibition grades always caught my eye, but certainly not my budget. I had few lower grade Birdseye maple stocks from R/F but none of the high grade walnut stocks. Back then a dollar was worth a hell of a lot more than today.

15 yo's like me worked in restaurants washing dishes for $3.50 an hr. That's a lot of dish washing to buy a A++++ piece of wood.,

I wandered away from wood stocks from the 70's through 2000's with black rifles all the rage.

I always felt I was missing something in my rifles.

R/F went out of business and it seemed like wood stocks were a goner.

Maybe it's reliving my youth, maybe I'm geezing, I don't know, but man I have a real thing for super grade wood stocked custom rifles right now.

Getting ready to drop $5K on  a superb Cooper rifle with absolute a++++ exhibition grade  wood that could convert any black stock guy.

Anyone else notice a trend back to wood stocked rifles, anyone else living this wood stock thing out or is it just me?






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