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Reising M50 Magazines, Thompson 22 Barrels

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20221109_131501.thumb.jpg.0b0bec2e3cf868e0eac51d4bee55f306.jpg7 Reising M50 magazines and loader. All are in excellent/new condition and some appear they have not even been loaded. Both 20rd magazine looks like they have a small dent/crease on the side. They are available as follows:

SOLD-2 Parkerized 30rd Magazines - Maybe Christy magazines? The round seam plate looks a bit different as shown in the photos. $200/ea

SOLD-3 Blued 30rd Christy Magazines - Very nice condition $225/ea

SOLD-2 H&R 20rd magazines - excellent condition, 1 has a small/slight indent on the side of the body, 1 has a small crease on the side under the feed lips. Both possibly refinished $225/ea

1 Parkerized Reising M50 magazine loader - $30.0020221102_172134.thumb.jpg.f8dfdd2e51d477affbe5e3b862331e1a.jpg20221102_172004.thumb.jpg.6d7653df0dc49c3d9cec8410c9b5277d.jpg20221102_172043.thumb.jpg.f10eec06044a457c16f459d0ae38a31b.jpg20221102_171856.thumb.jpg.a6423d22ba45833ac99985e3e4cf60c9.jpg20221102_171808.thumb.jpg.e184584e172e9dd60eb6712947bbc1dd.jpg20221102_172202.thumb.jpg.f07a1cbc7871e917455f624c2ebe069a.jpg

I have 2 Thompson barrels in 22lr available, $165/ea.


Shipping will be UPS Ground $15-$20 based on order.

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