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WARNING: Potential board scammer "gungeez2"


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Just got an PM from a Sturm poster concerning a post on the WTB board.

gungeez2 is his board moniker

He asked if I still wanted .450 Marlin ammo.

I checked his past posts and rep score...BIG zero.

Red flag #1

He said it was faster to "text" his email for a response,

Red flag #2.

He asked me how much ammo I wanted, I asked what it was exactly he had, Brand, bullet weight etc.

He then says it's faster to communicate by his email.

He provides this email masterscience34@gmail.com

While I'm working one screen, I'm also working the Sturm board and I see he's online at Sturm surfing the site, as he was trying to get me to email him away from the Sturm board.

I did email him from a Proton email address, asking him for identification, I told him that I knew most of the board regulars here and confronted him about the no posts, no rep score situation.....crickets. the conversation turns one way, he then disappears. No response.

You decide.




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  • R.L. changed the title to WARNING: Potential board scammer "gungeez2"
4 hours ago, R.L. said:

MODERATORS, Buddy, David, ANYONE please terminate the account of gunjeez2. He's a SCAMMER. We have to start weeding this trash out.

Thank you.




Banned yesterday  few minutes after your first post …….

Contact Information


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