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Anyone own a Cooper model 22? Thoughts?


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Think I'm getting ready to drop the hammer on a NIB Cooper Model 22.

Never owned one , but I've read nothing but sterling reviews.

They appear to be real tack drivers.

I like black rifles, but nothing beats AAA+ wood on a rifle.




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Well...looks like I own a Cooper model 22 now.

I picked up a Cooper Extreme Varmint in 6 mm BR. with +AAA wood and stainless barrel on Guns International.com

Really liking that gun sales site now.

Screw that ripoff gun auction site with ripoff prices. I'll never buy another thing there again.

3 for 3 now at Guns International, no problems.

Not an auction site. Fixed prices. Met some fantastic people and very useful leads there.



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Jeez... just read an article, like 12 years late, that Dan Cooper, CEO of Cooper was ousted from ten company for supporting Obongo with 6 figure campaign donations.


Then the company was sold to Wilson.

All news to me.

Oh well I still like the rifle, it's pretty nice.

We'll see how well it shoots after I put together the dies, cases and loads.



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