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Anyone familiar with "Fitz" Colt revolvers?


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I have a friend that has an original "FITZ" Colt Detective Special, with the original maroon box , owners and safety manual.

The blueing  is about 99%.

The  grip checkering is as sharp as the day they were made,

I'm trying to help him get a letter from Colt, authenticating and dating the piece before he puts it up for sale.

Anyone know how to get a letter from Colt, or if they even still do that.

I know Roy Jenks used to be the guy from S&W that you could get a letter from for S&W pistols.

I'm probably dating myself, he probably is not alive now, as that was a LONG time ago.

Colt I have no no experience with.

Anyone who can help,  would be greatly appreciated.




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To get a letter from colt you can go to there website www.coltarchives.com and or call them their number is in the website they are typically pretty fast with getting back to you they do not do letters for tsmg. not sure if they’d issue a letter for this seems like they are selective what guns they will do them for when I spoke with them. But good luck an hope this helped!

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Roy is no longer with us but that's only been in the last handful of years so you aren't TOO far off(OLD;)

A real life Fitz.... wow that is awesome! If you could post some pictures that would be even better. 

I'm not sure about colt letters, but I would think a Fitz would get somebody's attention there! Seems like he only did a dozen or less from what I remember . What a cool find, any good back story to go with it? Where will it be sold? 

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